Our Practitioners

Our Senior Practitioner:

Sonia Cartlidge LCPH MARH

Sonia has been a qualified Homeopath and Bio-resonance practitioner since completing her training under Robert Davidson at The College of Practical Homeopathy in 2001. Over this time she has developed our system of Health Assessments and has trained many other Homeopaths to work in this way. Sonia has extensive experience in working with chronic and complex illnesses, including with people who have ME, CFS and chronic Lyme disease diagnoses as well as children on the autistic spectrum. She has also lectured at Homeopathy Colleges and Conferences, focussing on integrating different modalities of treatment and managing clients with chronic illness.

Currently, Sonia is focusing on improving our patient care and recovery programmes, whilst supporting the other NTA practitioners.

Our Practitioners:

Sandy Partridge LCHE RSHom

Homeopath and Bio-resonance practitioner.

Sandy has been using homeopathy for over 20 years. She is also a qualified nurse and has worked in a variety of disciplines including oncology and emergency care.
Sandy is the mother of four grown up children (including twins) and can use her experiences to guide you and your family through any health issues. Sandy is also a specialist in the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.

Sandy’s clinics are in Basingstoke, Southampton and various locations across Dorset.

Sarah Clarke LCCH RSHom

Homeopath and Bio-resonance practitioner.

Sarah has been working and training with NTA Clinics for over 4 years. She is passionate about health, homeopathy and offers practical tools to improve everyday wellbeing.
Sarah is a mother of two, one of which is a child with Asperger’s and understands the challenges that can bring. She has a special interest in treating children (including those on the Autistic Spectrum), digestive issues and adrenal fatigue. Sarah is now experienced in treating clients with chronic illness including chronic Lyme disease and along with Sonia, provides NTA”s chronic illness programme.

Sarah’s clinics are in Basingstoke.

Karen Shaw LCCH RSHom

Homeopath and Bio-resonance practitioner.

Karen is a qualified homeopath having studied for 4 years at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol and has been working and training with NTA Clinics for over 4 years.

Her first encounter with homeopathy began over 10 years ago when her daughter was suffering from recurring ear infections and tonsillitis and the whole family have been using its gentle and effective healing powers ever since!

Karen is well aware of the modern challenges faced by a growing family and is committed to providing high quality, professional support and advice to help the whole family through any health issues as they arise.

Karen helps people with all conditions, including the treatment of hormonal complaints from puberty to menopause and fertility issues.

Karen’s clinics are in Fareham and Southampton.

Emma Hawkings Byass LCCH RSHom

Homeopath and Bio-resonance practitioner.

Emma qualified in July 2014 after training for 4 years with the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol and training with NTA Clinics.

Introduced to homeopathy after suffering from PND and when her eldest daughter at 3 years of age started suffering from unexplained UTI infections, Emma put all her faith in to homeopathy because conventional treatment was antibiotics for 10 years minimum. Emma’s second daughter suffered a decline in health after vaccination and homeopathy became the saviour leading her to ┬ádecide to train as a homeopath. Areas of interest are mental health in children and associated problems, learning difficulties, and chronic fatigue in adults.

Emma’s clinics are in Basingstoke.

HOMEOPATHY – Healthy Medicine

Homeopathic medicines are a natural, gentle and extremely effective way of helping the body to heal itself. Homeopathy targets the underlying cause of the symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves.

As the most used system of alternative medicine in the world, Homeopathic medicines are part of the mainstream health system in many European Countries. Common concerns about possible side effects from drugs and illnesses that cannot be helped though conventional medicine have led more people to look into different types of healthcare.

Homeopathy brings about spectacular results for people with many different conditions and the medicines are also completely safe. This means that they can be taken by anyone (even babies and during pregnancy). They can also be taken alongside conventional medicines where necessary.

You can find more information about Homeopathy here: http://www.findahomeopath.org/